Trouble in Mind

Jason P Yoder & Becky Blue

Muscle Shoals recording artist Becky Blue sits in for Jason P Yoder's Bluesday Tuesday. You won't soon forget this live soulful version of a classic blues standard!

Jason P Yoder and Becky Blue have spent some time together playing live and recording in the studio. Which studio? You might ask. Well F.A.M.E. studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama is probably the one we've all heard of the most. The Swampers mojo is still on those hallowed grounds, and once you get it on you, it isn't easy to shake.

These two blues veterans are amazing together! You can hear Becky Blue's soulful growl intertwine perfectly with bluesman Jason P Yoder's acoustic finger style way of making that guitar sing it's own song. The mojo is still flowing through them both! Hear it for yourself, and maybe, just maybe, it will get you too!

"Trouble In Mind" was recorded and performed live during Jason P Yoder's Facebook live show, "Bluesday Tuesday". Filming and Engineering were provided by B Original Studios in Selinsgrove Pennsylvania.

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