Jason P Yoder

Jason P Yoder is an American Blues Performing Songwriter. His finger-style guitar technique blends moving rhythms, catchy melodies, and thought provoking lyrics. Jason's love for the Blues shows in his music, but he does not limit his sound to the traditional. Country, Rock and Jazz influences can be heard peaking through his music as well.

While Jason prefers the acoustic guitar, he is not shy when it comes to playing other instruments. The first instrument Jason learned, other than voice, was the actually the Trumpet.  He can be heard on his albums and singles playing the piano, bass guitar, trumpet, mandolin, lead guitar, banjo, percussion, etc. 

In his extensive years of study Jason P Yoder has learned with great artists! Roy Book BinderJohn Cephas, and John Jacksons are some of the many great artists Jason has studied under. Some of the sounds Jason learned from these great Bluesmen can be heard throughout his music. 

 Listen today on Spotify and other streaming sites or snag a digital download on your favorite site, and as always Stay Tuned for more great music!


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