1848 Escape

Jason P Yoder

An alternative country song about William and Ellen Craft. The Craft's were two slaves from Georgia who escaped slavery walking in plain daylight. This song is a tribute to the Craft's!

Jason P Yoder is a master guitar player as well as a seasoned recording artist who is based in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. Jason enjoys performing, writing and recording music. With three albums and two singles currently released; there are more on the way. In his extensive years of study Jason P Yoder has learned with great artists! Roy Book Binder, John Cephas, and John Jacksons are some of the many great artists Jason has studied under. Jason is an independent artist who is influenced by a large variety of musicians and styles of music. "Acoustic Night : A Pennsylvania Christmas" released in 2010 was Jason's first album. This album features a single acoustic guitar, which plays the melody and the rhythm simultaneously. Jason likes to call it modern classical, or folk classical. This album was played live by Jason at the 2011 CKY Christmas Show. Jason then released a single in May of 2012, "Oh That Wall". This song was written by Fred Yoder (Jason's Father and Vietnam War Veteran) and is about the Vietnam War and Memorial. "Still Water Blackout" Jason's newest album, released in July of 2014, contains all original music and lyrics. This album, which is based around the acoustic guitar blends the blues, country, rock, and folk together giving it a unique sound. Another album in the Acoustic Night series "Acoustic Night: Feather on a Cradle" was released on December 20th of 2016. It is a lullaby album and which features 2 discs. The first disc contains lullabies in the Major keys and the 2nd disc contains those same songs played in the Minor keys. It once again features finger-style acoustic guitar only instrumental songs. It is a delightful addition to Jason's discography. Jason's previous release is a track from his upcoming album on American Deviance. "Murderous Man" is an upbeat jump blues song about American outlaws "Bonnie and Clyde". Listen today on Spotify and other streaming sites or snag a digital download on your favorite site!! The newest edition to Jason's discography is another single from Jason's American Deviance album (still untitled). "1848 Escape" is about two Georgia slaves who escaped slavery in plain daylight! What a story!!!!

Stay Tuned for more great music!

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