Americana Blues

Acoustic Night: Feather on a Cradle

Acoustic Night: Feather on a Cradle

by Jason P Yoder

Released 2016
Released 2016
Jason P Yoder plays Instrumental Finger Style Lullabies and Children's songs on his Acoustic Guitar! Disc 1 contains the major versions of the lullabies, and Disc 2 contains the minor versions.
Acoustic Night is my Instrumental Finger Style Acoustic Guitar Music Series. My first album "Acoustic Night: A Pennsylvania Christmas" has had good success! It has sold well and still sells well every Holiday season.

I have since released a single "Oh That Wall" a song my Vietnam Veteran father wrote about his time at the Vietnam Wall. I also released an original album "Still Water Blackout" with songs written and performed by yours truly.

Now I am onto my third album overall and the Second title in my instrumental series... "Acoustic Night: Feather on a Cradle". It is a Lullaby album made with the parents in mind. The peaceful tones of the Finger Style Guitar will calm the soul of every ear that hears it.

Stay tuned for more great music.....